Probably My Last Post

So my blog is set to expire at midnight on July 23rd, and I’ve known this for a few months, and have been on the fence about what to do as far as renewal. The truth is, I’ve been writing, but blog-post format hasn’t felt natural or ideal to me for what feels like quite sometime. That might be obvious to anyone who reads it, as my last post was… I can’t see the date right now but my guess is about a month ago.

I’ve been going through some changes (When are we not? Although these last couple of years, nothing has felt solid to me at all) which have affected my writing, as well. It’s not really about paying the fee to re-up the hosting; it’s about the fact that my heart isn’t in this format anymore. Right now, I’d like something a little less time-sensitive, and a little more intimate. I want to create something that takes people away from their computers.

Maybe that’s idyllic. But that’s where I’m at.

I never really wanted a blog, in fact I used to cringe at the idea whenever someone would suggest, but last summer, it was the best thing to get myself to just stop with the excuses and start writing, start publishing, and start actually sending my stuff out to the world.

That isn’t to knock the mighty modern blog format. In fact, this whole experience has been so wonderful and I appreciate this for the tool that it was, and is. I’m so incredibly lucky to have found people who actually resonated with what I wrote. As anyone who writes anything will tell you, there’s literally nothing better in the world than connecting with someone who understands or appreciates what you write. It’s a connection so much greater than the level we tend to inhabit in our daily lives.

The response has been more than I could have expected or asked for, and I’m so incredibly grateful for it. It’s what, moving forward, gives me the faith that I can do something now that I’ve truly wanted to do, which is work on publication of an actual manuscript.

Things could always change, and these days I don’t tend to plan far in advance, but I’m fairly confident with my decision at this time that on July 23, this website will no longer exist. That’s what feels right to me in the moment, and until further notice, that’s what will happen. Over the course of the next week or so, I plan to archive my posts on my computer, just so I’ll have them if I ever want to look back, for a laugh, or maybe in case I ever feel like embarrassing myself alone in front of my screen some night.

For everyone who is subscribed, I don’t know that I can personally access your email; this site is hosted by WordPress and I think they may hold the information to all of that. But I want you to know how much I appreciate your readership. And as I mentioned above, I’m still writing; I don’t know if I could stop writing even if I tried. I can’t say when or what my next project will be, but I do have something in the works right now.

If you have an interest in whatever it is that I end up doing, drop me a note at and I will make sure you get a copy of whatever it is, when it comes out.

(This is vague, I know. I’m really bad at planning, but I can promise you I’ll give you a version of whatever it is for free.)

Thanks again for having an awesome taste in blog reading material. 😉



The Best Part About Break Ups

Two dusty things get use again:

(I hate to see anything go to waste)

1. That emo song playlist you can’t sit still long enough to listen to when you’re in a really good mood

2. That over priced “back massager” you bought in college which, upon finding “the one”, you thought may have been a stupid investment

(It wasn’t.)

I have come to understand, that, from a purely pragmatic perspective, American break ups are the stimulus package of companies who produce emo indie rock and “back massagers”.

Oh, wait… You mean that’s really intended for my back?



It’s Been My Experience In Life…

That love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship.

But it is a necessary ingredient.

You will love many people throughout your life, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant for you forever.

The best way to love someone is to let them come and go in and out of your life as they please.

And the best way to be loved is for them to allow you the same courtesy.

The idea of possession is actually an illusion. And any attempt at it will ultimately result in disillusionment. (Or the yearning for divorce of some sort.)

That the idea of something is inevitably scary than when the actual event occurs.

Mercury’s retrograde is perhaps the worst time to attempt relationship discussions.

When you’re feeling lost, the person you most admire is a good place to start anew.

Neighbors and friends and family are sometimes easy to overlook in daily comings and goings, but they’re amazingly important aspects of a good life.

It’s ultimately ideal to rely on yourself for happiness and to feel fulfilled, but if you’re lucky enough to have good friends, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the free therapy they provide.

Day drinking can be fun… but mostly just in theory.

You have to get sunburnt at least once each summer, before you’re convinced to wear sunblock. (Maybe that’s just me.)

Attempting to outwit your intuition is like trying to play hide and go seek with god. (Like, the old white-bearded one in the sky who speaks in an echo and smites people down.) It might be a fun distraction for a while, but is ultimately a stupid waste of time.

Sometimes you actually get the most by trying the least.*

Sometimes the harder you try, the less your returns. (The more you expect in return for all of your effort, and the higher your expectation, the easier it becomes to feel defeated when reality doesn’t meet it.)*

*The exception to these things are investments made in yourself.

Life loves you back the moment you decide to embrace it.

You never actually have to make decisions; You only think you do. If you live in the moment, they make themselves. And perfectly.

Only do things because you want to do them, not for the sake of what someone else thinks or wants. The only thing you can ever know for sure is that you yourself are happy– everything else is an educated guess at best. Also, it’s generally wise not to base your life on a system of barter or expectation.

It’s easy to envision new habits, and slightly more challenging to follow through… But the value is in the follow through, and not the vision.

People can only accept as much love from you as they are willing to give themselves.

Take people at their word and the world becomes a much simpler place.

Over-thinking things never made for a happier man. (Lack of penis does not alter this equation.)

You can be ruled by your emotions. But in the end, that’s not doing you or those around you any favors.

Your emotions are simply based on the thoughts you think. And the thoughts you think are entirely subjective. There are as many possible various thoughts and opinions on a single subject, as there are people in the world.

This means you have the power to control your world–emotions– based on the thoughts you chose to think.

Or the amount of ecstasy you consume.

There is no black and white. There’s always another way, if you’re willing to look for it.

Be willing to look for it; your happiness depends on it.

Don’t ever assume anything. Assumption leaves no room for learning. (Or magic; the kind which makes life worth living, even through the shit.)

Formal education doesn’t matter; it’s the quality of one’s mind which most greatly determines one’s outer circumstance.

A closed mind is an ignorant one;

And ignorance is like cutting the cord which connects the head and the heart.

To know that you don’t know anything at all, is the greatest opponent of ignorance;

And the shortest path to love.